Please find below some of the frequently asked questions with answers provided by our expert. If you do not find an answer to your question below, please send it by e-mail to ovheb@ernyrfgngr24.pbz.cy and our expert will clarify the issue for you.

How much do I pay in addition while purchasing an apartment? What do the additional payments refer to?

Purchase of the apartment, both on your own and via the Broker involves some additional expenditure.

It is customary that additional costs are borne by the buyer. In the case of real estate purchase, the additional costs will include notarial fees, fee on civil law transactions and court fees related to the entry of a new owner into the land and mortgage register. 


How much do the Real Estate Broker's services cost?

Commissioning of the real estate sale or purchase is free.

The Broker is compensated only at the moment when the real estate sale/purchase transaction is finalised.


Open or exclusive contract?

Our Company uses both types of brokerage contracts. An open contract gives the customer a considerable freedom of action while substantially limiting the Broker who cannot invest as much to promote the real estate as it is possible with an exclusive contract.


Why is it worth to use real estate broker services while buying real estate?

Many people think that in the real estate business, broker services are limited to matching the customers, so there is no point using them.

However, when you use the broker's services you also exploit his/her professional knowledge of the real estate market.